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Buy Safety Breathing Equipment

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Experts know that an Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) is different from a usual fire-fighting equipment. It should only be used by an individual to escape from his immediate surrounding at the time of an emergency. It is not to be used to fight fire or evacuate casualties under any circumstance. It is a lifesaving appliance which is used for quick escape from a situation where someone has to swiftly vacate his immediate surroundings.

An EEBD usually comprises of a Cylinder, a Pressure Indicator, Hood and face piece with a clear window.

The Marine Mall is trusted by professionals to buy safety breathing equipment such as the EEBD. The EEBDs supplied by us has an audible alarm that indicates the depletion of available air at approximately 10 minutes of usage time, giving the wearer enough time to evacuate his hazardous surroundings.